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Monday, January 22

Karni Sena Blocks Traffic in Gurugram over Padmaavat Movie Release

Around 200-250 men, who called themselves individuals from Gurgaon's Karni Sena, came to Subhash Chowk on Sunday morning. 

Over an open jeep, a thin man with thick whiskers yelled mottos of "Jai Karni Sena", "Jai Bhawani" and "Rani Padmavati Zindabad", as others followed in a loud melody. 

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The gathering, which hindered the bustling Sohna street extend for no less than 5-10 minutes, had begun their day from Begampur Khatola town, where they consumed a representation of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the chief of the disputable huge spending Bollywood film Padmaavat

At Subhash Chowk, before a shopping center, one of the amassed Sena individuals, disclosed to TOI that while they couldn't stop the film's discharge, they would ensure no one gets the opportunity to watch it. The men, who had stopped their bicycles, autos, and jeeps amidst the state parkway, conveyed sticks, and shafts with saffron banners rippling on them. 

Discontinuously, a speaker would get over a jeep to yell a couple of trademarks and convey a short discourse conjuring Rajput solidarity. At that point, the men would backpedal to taking selfies with the group. Around 10 minutes after the fact, the SHO of Sadar police headquarters, alongside different cops, requests that they advance. 

At that point, they begin their bicycles and autos and inside minutes achieve MG Street. Here they hinder the MG Street metro station entrance. The cops, who are following, begin taping dissenters on their telephones, however, make no endeavor to stop the exhibition. 

The dissent at that point moves to Sikanderpur, where the parade takes a U-turn, with men yelling mottos with middles standing out of auto windows, pounding the ground with sticks, startling workers with their "Padmaavat dekhne tangle jana, nahi to zinda nahi bachoge", "Corridor jala denge agar motion picture discharge kari", till they achieve the parking area of Recreation Valley. 

Here, the gathering, which had swelled to 300, intrude on a cricket coordinate. In the meantime, five Sena delegates take an auto, trailed by two PCR vans, and set out toward the shopping centers — MGF, Sahara, MGF Downtown area on MG Street, Super Shopping center on Green Street — to disperse flyers to multiplex staff. The flyers, conveying a photograph of Karni Sena pioneer Lokendra Singh Kalvi, announce that "Padmaavat hurts supposition of Hindus and Muslims, and will prompt common mobs and harm of property."

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